Independence Day Weekend

As we move into the true summer months we are happy to report we are seeing sunflowers, celosia, stock, gladiolas, marigolds as well as our zinnias, cosmos, rudebeckia (black-eyed Susans) and Shasta daisies beginning to make their appearances.

We continue to care for our flowers and atemp to keep up with their water needs. The prolonged dry and hot periods are problematic. Please forgive us for the brown lawn and some flower loss as we battle the beetles and the dry, hot weather.

All blooms can be cut but please ensure you leave enough of the young plant when cutting to allow plant to re-grow. As they mature these plants will begin to offer considerable quantity.

Future offerings will include the above flowers as well as coneflowers, lime-light hydrangea, red hot poker; hot lips and our dahlias. Another couple of weeks should start to see the 6 rows of dahlias in all their splendor.